Ta-ta-ta-Tania! Our familiar Tania!

Once again she graces our minds and our hearts with the final lecture and week of University life. *Sigh* these are the days I’ll miss even if I don’t believe it now; no offence Nes, but after thirteen weeks, I’m still not much of a blogger ūüôā

The Creative Body, aka Each and Every One of Us.

(Ps. I do admit the title of this post was sung in my head like the way Big Red sung out¬†Torrance¬†Shipman’s name for¬†Cheer-leading¬†Captain in Bring it On……..)

The kooky, wonderful Tania was bursting with life and huffing and puffing through our doors to give us the dirty word that is THEORY!
The research of a particular object or desire is for ever circulating, effect of material change everything forever more in our lives.
Of course through this particular post you can expect some random throw ins as Tania is a tad spontaneous and when one thing interrupts her, she makes it part of the show. So right about now we had a student with their phone going off, claiming it was ‘Turtles’ who was calling her, just as Tania had a slide on saving the cygnet she added to save the turtles! They need our help after all….
So what if the screen we were watching moving pictures on came to life itself and was moving, within showing a movie?
This is the main factor of todays lecture that had me questioning what the effect and wanting result would be wanting to get out of this?
Tania’s part of a trio that brainstorm, create and act miniature films on living cells that would have to be viewed through a magnifying glass to see every outline and detail. The examples Tania showcased today had the events in the movie showcased on organisms relevant to the theme. For example; a horror film with gore and shock was projected on to blood. We all know there are some crazy and out there designers that have produced many an insane side of the creative industries, but did any one of us think that using science to create design and art was such a big factor? It may as well be its own course I think. Can we put this in the curriculum? I’d love to do such a course. The world is fascinating, and using this side of things could be such a big contributor to ECU’s graduates…. Well at least in my opinion it is….

[I’d insert the image shown in the lecture of her group of bandits, but the lecture is not uploaded to blackboard]

BIO-KINO!! Tania’s bandit of three consists of her lovely self as the film historian and theorist, an optical engineer that assists with the main part of their miniature viewing for making the images portrayed so tiny in the ending result and a tissue culturing technique-er. To start with, the group had to make an apparatus for the editing and creating of such a side of filming. They were inspired by Edison’s apparatus that left Tania with a sense of it coming off as a coffin, She took this and rotated Edison’s construction to work with this theory; it was after all clips on living substances or parts of the body that gave a resemblance to the ‘death box.’

In the very beginning it all started with their very first trial, a short clip ¬†portrayed on to the cornea of a mouse that they had to get a special license for, seen as this mouse in particular was already from use of the UWA students in the Anatomy Lab for muscle research. However in Tania’s opinion this trial failed simply because of she wanted a moving picture on a living part of life, the cornea was of course off of a dead mouse. BUT, this is a segment about why research is a for ever continuing system. It contributes to all factors and helps with those extra steps needed in any presentation.

Through the funky outburst of clips and sound effects given in this lecture, Tania mentioned the convention she will be attending in Brisbane later this year for her presentation on her latest project; Super Dementi8. This entitles eight films that surrounded Tania’s childhood growing up. A film mentioned is on the original motion picture of Star Trek, but more; one that caught my attention was a film reel consisting of John Wayne screen appearances where she, as she quotes, acts “sacrificial screening.” The task is the screening of this motion picture on a projector where every time John Wayne’s face appears on the screen, Tania will jam a screwdriver into the celluloid film so that Wayne’s face will burn and shrivel up while in projection. An ode to John I suppose. This sounds amazing to me, sure the surprise now is ruined but I would still receive a shock to see a clip warp on the big picture. It is almost tempting to travel to QLD for this experience let alone attend the whole organisation and convention.
Finally what is live cinema? Tania shows us the research she conducted herself and came up with a fair few pages of discussion on the matter. In the end it came down to four structures;
and Performance.
With research and conductivity, scientists get to an end and are done with the matter, for creative industry enthusiasts many doors continue to open through each and every step; it’s continuously ongoing.
I leave you with this, when you think of an idea or creation, does it just stop at what you come up with? Or does it lead to other ideas that spontaneously pop into your head? I know for me this is most definitely the case. For years I’ve kept ideas in the back of my mind for a rainy day to be perfected and showcased to the world. I hope one day you will read my name in lights and know that you had witnessed the first time I knew this was going to happen.

Thank you for reading my blogs and like I’ve probably said before; I hope they were understandable (and passable :)) to you. Enjoy the rest of your days and hopefully we’ll cross paths at a designers convention!!


Unfortunately I’d like to add some photos from the lecture this morning, but as mentioned earlier, the slide show is not on blackboard therefore making it an impossibility ūüė¶


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Industry and Creativity.

Presentation week! I had the delightful pleasure of presenting this week with Steph Adams and thanks to her, we managed to scrape by with a High Distinction. Unfortunately I would have loved to have blogged about this week but the lecturer Andy Simionato had double booked his time and was unable to attend. Oh well, next time ūüôā

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Insane People in this World I tel’ Ya.

Very very odd people, perhaps way ahead of their time, wandering the streets on every street that is built on this planet. Robbie Studsor let’s us focus on one familiar chap in particular; Wilhelm Reich in week ten.

Wilhelm Reich was a psychoanalyst, a¬†Utopian¬†thinker as such, a member of the second generation¬†psychoanalysts after Sigmund Freud, and one of the most radical figures in the history of psychiatry (“Wilhelm Reich,” n.d.).

Studsor starts his piece on civilisation and repression, crossing between the works of Marx and Freud. The Freudian Theory period focuses on conflict psychology while Marxism is conflict sociology.
Reich wanted to destroy the sexual psyche, he wanted a spontaneous happy free environment unlike Freud’s world which was business like.¬†With the combination of Libido and Liberation, Reich developed his own theory of sexual awareness being the answer to freedom of expression and happiness.

Character Analysis:

Reich produce the idea of status of genital character, status developed from the idea of libido and genital being the opposite of neurotic character. Character traits were established to be symptoms, this meant that someone has a symptom unlike a person is a symptom.
Examples of these are as follows:

  • Habitual Submissiveness (preventing hostility)
  • Habitual Kindness (preventing cruelty)
  • Habitual Assertiveness (as a defence against feelings of passivity and dependency)

Reich considered outward physical signs are reflections of what is happening on the inside of a person; a defence against the break through of emotions. This I can completely and utterly agree with. Our bodies are coursing through out and although some are excellent hiders and illustriousness deceivers, what effects outside hits inside, and what is brought up inside portrays outside. This is completely in my opinion but you do see it everyday.

“…nothing can be hidden, the body reveals all…” – Antero Alli¬†

We’re all under fight or flight mechanisms in this modern world. We’ll run or fight tough in stressful situations. Unfortunately for blogging, I can’t run away or I’ll fail the unit….. So here I am fighting one of my worst traits.
At this point, Studsor inserts a clip from The Little Mermaid which showcases a message and the main point within the whole movie; Ariel wants to break free and be different, this is similar to genital character. To be honest, after seeing just a short of the movie, it wanted me to watch the classes Disney film and re-live my childhood….. but of course I didn’t, because I was to busy doing uni work…… *cough.*

Now to mention a view from Reich that I’m sure many people would cheer to….. Sex…… Is the key to EVERYTHING supposedly….. Now I don’t see this to be a great need or factor in life. I suppose it creates ‘pleasure’ and apparently is a great stress reliever but, I still don’t see it. Shock, horror a teenager not exactly enjoying sex – but hey….. I’m different. My body physical will show that.
The inner self did not need to be repressed, it should be encouraged to express itself.
Pretty much at this point, Reich calls us Gremlins. His theory of sexual energy was suggested as a bio-energetic force.

Which I guess didn’t help him in the end when he was eventually kicked out of the association, travelled to America where he invented the CloudBusting Gun and Orgone accumulator, experimented with¬†Einstein, experienced legal problems,¬†arrested by the FBI, got a couple of divorces……. Pretty much dubbed as crazy and then later died of heart failure in prison. He asked to be buried in a vault at his Orgonon with simply his name and date of birth and death on his tombstone. No matter how crazy and psychotic he became known for in the end, his inventions are still used to this day! Even is the Accumulator is for people to get naked and sit inside of…….. Then again people take drugs…….. Crazy world I tell ya!



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Ca-Click, Ca-Click: Photography!

Chick, chick, flash! Some zooming in here and some extra lighting over there…… Duncan Barnes explores our thoughts on Digital Creativity in week eight.

Background on Barnes, might be top secret stuff, or not; depends if the cops know or not.

Duncan Barnes is actually a lecturer at Edith Cowan just like a selected amount who were also lecturers this semester for this unit. Barnes is in to commercial photography and made a heavy mark on the raving and electric music scene. Another big part of my life so this blog shall go cruisey and easy going. Duncan started out with taking casual pictures and sneaking in to newspaper printing companies to use there scanners in the early hours of the morning, this was before digital photography.

His *rave culture*

Delirium, a popular club that was known for its customers, was in Barnes sight. Unfortunately the owner and manager, Jeremy, was not keen on Barnes to be shooting photographs in his  club with the adding of drugs and alcohol abuse being a factor in the raving world. After many amounts of begging and pleading Barnes started shooting for Jeremy with an additional five years of work shooting everything he did. This led to Barnes receiving a stadium contract with NIB and starting up a rave website and putting his name out there. Unfortunately Delirium shut down but Barnes picked up work with Mellen Events who offer festivals such as Future Music and Summadayze. Not only does Barnes now-a-days shoot photographs of middle life bands such as Echo Beach and Def Leppard, but nine years ago started writing digital units for ECU as well as mentioned before lecturing.

However it’s not all peachy with Barnes, he was close to leaving lecturing to adventure out some more. He’s been to the United States and loved the experience and opportunities it had to offer. Barnes started blogging over a year ago on his site called Dirt Between Lightbulbs (links found below) where he took a photo everyday just for commercial stuff, and you can find footage of his trip featuring those that travelled with him and his way of meeting interesting luminaries. Fortunately, Barnes had left lecturing for a while there, but returned missing it all regardless of the lower income he would receiving.

Barnes interprets photography to be his way of memory keeping. His purpose in the matter is highly personal and believes that it’s a true talent. Not everyone can be a photographer; even with all the latest mobile phones having eight megapixel cameras or what not, you can’t practice the technique. It’s just there no matter how many times a day you can produce. To Barnes, “without photography, [I] don’t know what was real and what was make believe.”

Now I truly believe this man is passionate and will excel in his photography path, because we know for sure he won’t in English; nearly every slide had a spelling mistake. Can’t spell? Take pictures!
Haha no offence Duncan ūüôā
I love taking pictures, and sometimes I do the craziest acts to get the staged shoots, but then again, I’m on my twelve megapixel camera phone. No role in the photography world for me!



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We travel a long and windy journey in to the Psyche….

OOoooOOOOOOooooohhhhhhh…… Welcome to The Unknown in Spooksville.

Dream week four, if you dare………..

We travel in to the unknown and endless area of our own mind with Tania Visosevic who focuses on The Pysche and Creativity, through demonstration of the worlds of Jung and Freud.

What is the psyche?
The word ‘psyche’ can be interpreted as the minds soul. Where as psychedelic art is contained from hallucination. The art that combines kinetic energy from technology but mainly relative to mental illness; which perhaps every extremely creative person beholds, for they are after all the ones that excel and take it to an all new height. I look up to those people……. Oh I’m so punny!
Tania continues to be in and around art therapy confusing me further more with words that i perhaps will never repeat in any case until I create this blog.
The division of what is conscious and unconscious is psychoanalysis but also known as Freud Territory…

Interpretation of dreams is broken down in to four sectors;
* Condensation – which is the complex meaning of an acquirement, condensed in to a simpler form.
* Displacement – which is the meaning pushed in to something associated within or with the form.
* Symbolization – the turning of ‘ideas’ in to pictures.
* and Secondary Revision – which is the rational gloss of the dream.
Dreams are not always perfect as I’m sure each and everyone of us has experienced from young to older adulthood. The way of releasing disturbing energy from one’s mental system is a type of psychic catharsis, can be simply described in a short phrase to which I will most definitely not pull on my mates in casual conversation (or maybe just to spook them now that I think about it) is referred to as Abreaction (talking cure).
This is now the becoming of Freudian Dream Symbolization. His true colours.

At this point Tania is requiring us to create our own ink blot letting our mind make out the spontaneous and unplanned shapes splayed before us in to ideas and creativity before our previously unshielded eyes. She proceeds to pull out an old shower curtain with some pots of paint to accompany it. Low and behold, you can imagine what happens next. Red here, blue there, black everywhere.
“If I make a mess, don’t tell anyone. We’ll analyse it together and see what we see. Uh-oh, there’s a few holes.”
Oh don’t worry Tania, all good mate. I won’t tell ya secret ūüôā

What is analytical psychology?
C.G. Jung quotes, “the creative mind plays with objects it loves.” In a way, I can agree to this. I don’t know about you, but I’m often finding myself day dreaming, or trying to get to sleep by creating the dream I want first up. I let my mind wander to the things I wish I were doing or could do. The enjoyable things that keep me going on day to days end. And if I love it so much, surely others do to! So why not express and share this fact ūüôā
The collective unconscious; I think I’ve said fifty thousand too many times that I am a man trapped in a females body. This is anima, everyone has the opposite gender in them. Whether it’s at ¬†a large or minor scale is irrelevant, this is purely fact, it’s only when one overpowers the other does a problem open up.

Jung, the crazy little man that could sit at the lake side for hours with a stick creating rivulets for the water to travel (MA Long, 2012, August 8) expressed his views on dreams and expressions as symbolic. This man brought meaning to terms that would mind blow anyone from around his time. The transcendent function was constructive therapy that paves the way for insight. An active imagination was the beginning of the process for patient discoverers to find their own centre. And finally the technique of association again linking dream symbols to fairy tales and myths (amplification).

Again a little clip is featured with the addition of doodling as therapy. The clip involves quick slide shows with etchy sketches of you’d never believe it; dicks.
The final slide of the lecture contains Rambo with the over head text listing the psychological types;

* there’s Two attitudes = Extravert and intravert.
* Four functions = thinking, feeling, judgement and perception
* and Eight  Psychological types = all of the above as well as sensing and intuition added in to the mix.

Tania asked us to involve this section of the weeks tutorial in our blog (if we were to blog about it) with our responses. So here’s mine:
You find yourself outside, on a path. You follow the path, walking until your feet 
are blistered. You occasionally hear animals moving to one side, but don’t see them. You keep walking until ahead you see a tree by a river, and beyond that a high wall. A voice calls out from the other side of the wall. It sounds almost like an animal cry, but you feel sure it is a person. You walk over to the river and bend down to touch it. The water is freezing cold. You suck your chilled knuckles and look around. The voice repeats again, almost incomprehensible. You look around and see a small raft amidst the reeds of the riverbank. You pull it out and realise that you have no means of pushing it. You look at the tree and see that its branches cross the river and reach towards the wall. You move over and try to climb up, but the sides of the tree are too smooth. You slide down and cut your finger on a piece of glass embedded in the wood. The blood runs warm down your forearm and drips into the river. You hear laughter.
I feel trapped in this scene. I feel as though I am the last person on the Earth and the chance of anothers voice beckons me near that I risk anything to see if I have officially become insane. My creative journey in this scene is bare. I think more because I am alone, I have to construct shelter and plan how and with what I will survive on. Wearing the same clothes as when the Earth was destroyed, pretty in white. Like the stereotypical ¬†set up. I suppose that’s why I go to this because I have a case that we are truly destroying the world and one day it will not exist. It may be too many sci-fi movies that have taken over my ideas, but like Jung, my mind is tracing around the things that I love. And that’s what I have to say about that.

In all honesty, for me personally from this, I lean towards the ways of Jung. This crazy guy has a lot of added realisms when out laid in front of its audience. For me at least I received it in such a way. Who do you beckon with?



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History ILOVEIT Time

Excuse the heading, but I can’t help to express my love of History. What is not to love about it? It shows where we come from, how we did, when we did and what the heck are parents were doing before our time. I love everything involved, I just…  Love history!! Gosh what else can I say? If you read my about me you’d know that I want a Renaissance day, dresses, horses and carts and all involved!! Week two get ready for me!!
From the beginning we start with cavemen, ah the stereotypical men with beards and animal skins for clothes; The Ancient Imagination. From this era we find the starting of the cave painting, even though, as I had not previously known, Andrew Ewing had filled my mind with the understanding that later in life, the studies on the cave paintings weren’t actually paintings of animals the tribes would eat or hunt for. This started a new question on why and what they would possibly use this system for, perhaps as a way of communication?
The Ancient Egyptians had cottoned on to this in their own way of hieroglyphics as well as representing their own through creative designs which had been their way for over three thousand years. Presenting the Royal Egyptians which the colour of their body in a much finer ink that was precious than the accessibly colour portrayed for common citizens.  The Classical Imagination of Egyptians represented a civilisation that was stable, based on order and hierarchy, not individuality.
Medieval Imagination was seen with the phrase ‚Äėcreatio‚Äô coming to the meaning of creation coming from nothing, where ones work to be seen as creative or a mass creation now to back then being something with no sense and henceforth was the devils work.

Finally the Dark Ages when A. Ekirch’s The Cock-Crow comes in to famous play. The finding of how the worlds sleeping pattern had changed; whether for the worse or better. All of this depending on those that are now considered to be creative, and or creators, and their thoughts, their ways. The transition of sleeping ways and patterns was developed (if you like) in this period where an eight hour sleeping ritual of four hours then a break of waking up would be the most creative time in the day; where the magic happens, continuing the rest of the four hours for a great day ahead. Night was not a dark place as you would think however suddenly nightmares were taking action and the spiritual side of sleep disappeared. Famous happenings were played upon this nightmare instance and artists took the advantage with their artwork, novels and performances.
RENAISSANCE!!!!!!!!!!! Dunnna nananana naaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come one, who doesn’t want a day like this? I mean sure there are fairs in other countries, but they’re just not the same. I want a full day of this stuff. Proper language, dressage and well not so much the food maybe ūüėõ
In either case; this is when skill became a given and the artistic feature was expanded, this is when the proud rich people bought art just to show off. Ooooh look at my sparkly pezazz!!Lookie lookie at me!! All of that, as same with the dresses. The larger and longer the hem of the dress, the higher you were in society. Girls who wore dresses that were showing of the ankle were, well, a little easy you might say.
Regardless, those that were creative were starting to be recognised and their buyers were men of wealth and status. What an honour.
As much as I love the Renaissance, I can’t shy away from the Industrial Imagination as that was when men left the kitchen and home to work hard for their money. I suppose this is when we can blame the stereotype of men getting to work for¬†responsibility¬†and woman staying home cooking the bacon that their man had brought with them…..Stereotype inside a stereotype right there. Creativity had become more than paint on a canvas, or ceramic¬†moulds¬†….. It was now inventions and creations, derived from creativity, creating became a leisurely task. The world was a changing and we truly had creative people to thank.
Moving swiftly through the remaining imaginations, we next come to the Romantic era. This is when fantasy and the better of our dreams comes to life through music, fashion, leisure and art. Dreams and visions could fore-stand and help with creativity.
Coleridge on Imagination had both a form of personal expression and¬†spiritual¬†communication forming in the creativity line. Photography¬†challenged ideas of skill and art.¬†Surrealism’s¬†and cubism were trying to redefine the role of art at the time of Modernism when it seemed we thought differently of how the world was shaped, the designs were shape shifting within themselves.

Art should always look forward and backwards. Tradition was harmed by talent and everything was starting to be thrown out of the water. As T.S. Eliot quotes; ‘…artists had to speak a timeless tradition and a contemporary age….’
Unfortunately as the time for Post-Industrial Revolution came pushing in, the creativity of a previous time was¬†evacuated¬†from history and now it was seen as a field. To be creative a suggestion started that you are individual, and are or is able to produce’cultural capital.’
The music you listen to, the wall paper on your laptop, the clothes you wear today define you. Even though another fifty thousand people on the earth may be wearing the same thing, you did chose to pick it out yourself. For you, to show to the rest of civilisation.
(No matter how ridiculous or AWESOME you look :))
The conclusion to all of this is that the creativity meaning has changed over the times and its current meaning depends upon which traditions one is drawing from expression of spirit visions, expression of a divine or social order,¬†re-staging¬†tradition, manipulating truth, disguising the truth through falsehood, divine creation, second and or human creating, the duty of reason, the industry of innovation, sentimental and or individual expression, expression of repressed impulses, rebelling against tradition, making timeless tradition contemporary and or a new commodity of ‘cultural capital.’

The world is most definitely your oyster and how you chose to create ¬†living out of it for yourself, another person you admire, or take a chance on making a big impact and difference on the world as we know it is entirely up to you. Your mind is you, it makes the choices and by sticking to your guns you’re being creative (hopefully for good or in a good way) that I salute you for because, where would we be without you.


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The Beginning to the Introduction


We were hit with what would be the first day of the rest of our creative path in our very first week.

However it ends here…….. No really I can’t write about something so intensely in a teachers mind of eye. I can’t go deep in to that the blue curtains in the depressing authors room mean he’s sad… Blue.

If you’re continuing with this blog post then I salute you because I’ve just admitted that this will most definitely not be my best work, but I do suppose everyone does need a test before the final product. How many things could have gone wrong if everything was subjected on the first draft? Andrew Ewing’s first lecture for Creativity ever may have been a total disaster if he had not rehearsed and or tried multiple ideas of how to present, what to say and what slides, pictures, comments to make.

Asking us for a start what we find creative. Having a few pictures on show for us to pick and choose which we thought was the most creative;


as you can see, they’re all different in their won ways. Personally I love the bench sculpture. But simply because I am interested in industrial designer. I love the 3D works of art that are functionable. But when you must look at all with the same eye and not same mind, you notice that the body art is creative in the category of body art, the woman for the fashion creativity, the 2D helicopter for actions louder than words, the LOL Cat for the 2000 millenium virtual acceptability and humour.

We’re still brought back to what this “Creative” word means. Is it even a word? Is it a fantasy? Is it a creation or a theory? Man made or natural? Even though these are all excellent questionsasked by ones excellent self, one cannot simplify the answer for each mind on this rock floating through space. It beholds true wonders that special people in this population perceive. Inventors bring somethin g new to life and they would be seen as creator, artists on the form of dancers, musicians, singers, instrumentalists, directors, composers, scientists, teachers…. Yes ESPECIALLY teachers!!! Well lecturers and tutors and those other people involved in the schooling system haha. I promise I promise I’m not looking for extra points here. Although I may need some to bring my marks up…….

Creative, creativeness, creators, creativity is in the world. In each and every soul, some don’t recognise it, some see it instantly and try their hardest to pursue it. Those are the keepers and the ones that get us through to the next day, life, world, mystery. A persons upbringing deciphers what their creative field is. A writer can have such a passion to tell stories or fiction about a childhood or experience they may have experienced or witnessed for such an example.

This beginning to the rest of my life on a creative path will have many turn offs, a lot of hazard signs and no “thru road”‘s but I am a bulldozer and will knock down all and any barrier walls, (I am also built like one, look like one and am usually bright red….) But needless to say, I’m on track. I’m like Cathy Freeman at the Games,¬†Shinkansen in Japan (If you don’t know what that is I disown¬†you my child), who else is on a track? Cadel Evans in the Tour de France!!! You catch my drift……

Hopefully how this¬†blog session of mine ends will be enlightening, uplifting and involving (Notice the ing’s? Get it? Get¬†it?) many factorial features and leave you with not the same mind you came with, but one with¬†more¬†knowledge, ideas and conductivity that will cause a spark (:P) in yours or anyone’s life.

References :

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